Up, up and away

Quinns smiling on a swing

We’re off on our travels to the sun for a bit of much needed relaxation. So far my story has only got us through the booking process (Planes, trains and automobiles) and the airport (We’re all going on a summer holiday). By the time we’re actually on the plane I’m a little bit stressed to say the least. It’s a bit tight and awkward getting Quinns into the car seat but once that’s done I’m relieved because we’re on our way.

Quinns’ smiles make all the hassle worthwhile. We’ve been reading a book in preparation for our holiday all about going on an aeroplane. It was a super cool, Shine-a-light book called On the plane. Every second page is black and white so when you hold it up to the light the pictures shine through i.e. you could see the suitcases in the scanner or the lifejackets under the seats. He totally knows what’s going on and is very excited about it.

Actually he’s a bit of a daredevil. He loves the swings in the park & from a very young age would go to sleep in his car seat if we swung it with enough force! Needless to say he can hardly contain his excitement on take off. His facial expressions and body language say it all and reminded me of the time above when Big Sister was pushing him really high in a swing. Maybe this holiday is going to be ok after all…

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