Indoor play

Quinns pushing a bowling ball down the ramp with his Big Sister and Opa

All parents love to hate soft play. It’s noisy and chaotic but it’s a great place to let kids burn some energy giving the adults half a chance for a chat.

Like the play park though soft play doesn’t work for Quinns. I do my best but I often can’t manage to lift him over it all which leaves him watching from the sidelines yet again. I haven’t come up with an easy fix so instead I’m looking for alternatives.

The latest trend in children’s indoor play works much better. Role play towns are popping up all over. Basically there’s a bunch of little rooms with dressing up clothes and props for the children to explore.

Quinns has a lot of fun trying on different hats to become a postman or his favourite paw patrol character, pretending to order food in the cafe and having his eyes tested at the opticians. It’s a great way to have fun with his friends.

Bowling is another surprisingly inclusive indoor activity and has become a family favourite. I was sceptical when Dad first suggested it but the Bug fits perfectly under the kids ramp. We set it all up and then with help Quinns pushes the ball. Last time he even managed a strike!

I’d love to hear from you about soft play places you visit and of other indoor play activities that you think might work for Quinns.

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