The best day ever!

Just over a year ago sitting on a park bench I was inspired to write the post Park life. I sat with the friend we were visiting and I cried because of the limitations. A park with no suitable play equipment meant no possibilities for Quinns.

My experience that day also sparked a fundraising campaign for an accessible roundabout for my local park. With amazing support from our local community we are now making progress towards a more accessible and therefore more inclusive park.

It doesn’t end there though as my lovely friend, sitting with me on the bench last year, was also inspired. She took up the case with her local authority and they heard her loud and clear.

On our most recent visit, sitting on that same park bench, I had a much more positive experience. Installation of the accessible roundabout was nearly complete. We had hoped it would be ready in time for us to try it out but it wasn’t to be and we had to make do with peering at it through the fence. It made my heart sing that it will be ready and waiting for us on our next visit.

Earlier that day we collected Quinns’ Wizzybug (powered wheelchair for the under 5’s) from nearby for a year long loan. Now sitting on the bench in the park we watched as he tentatively moved around in it. This was the first day he was able to move independently of us. The first day he was able to chase his Big sister and play hide and seek with us by spinning himself around. The day he chose to come to me (albeit crash into me) and also the day he realised he didn’t need to stay in one place for a photo!

Between the potential of the new accessible roundabout and the Wizzybug this was a day full of enormous possibilities and no limitations for Quinns.

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