Accessible Pod

We’ve had an amazing time staying in an accessible pod in Callander. Camping and even glamping would usually be a really difficult thing for us to do. The difficulties we face to go on holiday can sometimes outweigh the benefits but this pod was perfect for our family.

A normal size pod would have been way too much of a squeeze to enjoy the small living space experience. Here there was enough space to accommodate the four of us, plus all the equipment and still enable Quinns to move around in his wheelchair.

The most exciting part was having an entire fully equipped Changing Place style shower room right in our pod! As well as an adjustable height bench for changing Quinns and a shower he could use with his shower chair there was an adjustable height sink.

It may seem like a simple thing but since Quinns can’t get into our bathroom at home he never gets the opportunity to wash his hands in the sink. With this sink adjusted to the perfect height he was delighted to be able to spend time playing with the running water and of course splashing Big Sister!

Having an adjustable height bed was also a game changer. So often while we’re away I end up with a sore back trying to dress Quinns on a low down bed. Here since we had the bench in the shower room I didn’t even need to use the bed. The bed was simply Quinns’ bed adjusted to the right height to get him in and out safely; a place where he could happily watch the iPad and eventually sleep comfortably.

With all these facilities to keep us safe and comfortable we still had energy to explore Callander. We did a couple of lovely walks beside the river and followed the old train line towards Loch Lubnaig. We made it down (and back up) the steep hill to Bracklinn Falls even although we only had Quinns’ wheelchair and not his off road Delta buggy.

The one disappointing thing about Callander was the play park. The boardwalk took us easily round it all but even if we had attempted the gravel surfacing there was nothing for Quinns to play on anyway.

Thank you Callander Youth Project for having such a wonderful accessible pod and making us feel so welcome. We leave happy with bellies full of fish and chips and a shopping list of things we now know we can’t live without!