Splish, splash

Quinns and Big Sister at the beach

One of the most exciting things about going on holiday with Quinns was the treat I’d bought him in preparation.

The Splashy is a bright and colourful bath seat that sits low in the bath to support him and allow him to play and splash in the water. We also have one provided by Social Work; the Deck Chair. It’s a chunky bit of kit that requires a very full bath in order for Quinns to even be in the water. There’s no way it would have been portable enough to take on an aeroplane.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my Firefly products. I’ve already mentioned my trusty GoTo seat. I’d been after the Splashy for about a year. When I saw it could easily pack in a suitcase I was sold!

Not only is the Splashy for the bath, it’s also for the swimming pool and the beach so the perfect piece of equipment for a sunshine holiday. We found its use was limited at the swimming pool because Quinns made it abundantly clear that he wanted to be swimming in the pool not sitting on the side! But it was useful to have somewhere for him to sit and dry off after being in the pool. Otherwise the Bug would have gotten very wet. Perhaps if there had been a shallower kids pool he might have been happier to sit in it longer.

It really came into it’s own on the beach. Quinns was able to sit low enough in the sand to be able to feel the sand on his hands and feet (he did screw up his face a bit but he didn’t complain). I helped him build a sandcastle before moving him into the sea so he could feel the waves.  He was in a great position to watch Big Sister snorkelling with Dad.

Without the Splashy one of us would have needed to hold Quinns to enable him to play. Lying him flat in the sand wouldn’t really have been an option with the sun blaring down on his face. We have previously dug him a little seat to sit in which sort of works but inevitably he shuffles down, gets very sandy and is limited to making sand angels.

Quinns in the sand

Note: I am not working for Firefly or getting paid by them I just think they’re a really good company making some really useful stuff for kids with disabilities.

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