Water baby

Quinns swimming underwater

I mentioned in my last post that Quinns prefers swimming to sitting watching. Quinns loves to swim! For the last year I’ve been in the pool with him two to three times a week. Every time we go people comment on just how excited he is to be swimming.

We started his Water Babies class when he was 8 months old. This was around the time we realised his development was delayed. I knew that swimming had many benefits and he seemed to really enjoy it. He’s still in the same class with some of the same friends.

It’s only really been in the last little while that I’ve noticed a difference between him and his peers. His teacher has been great from the start. She hasn’t singled him out in any way but does adapt it for him where necessary.

The teacher and everyone at Water Babies have been very supportive and encouraging as far as Quinns having swimming lessons is concerned. By far my biggest concern about keeping him swimming is the availability of suitable changing facilities.

The venue where he has his weekly lesson have been very understanding. Earlier this year I realised that the baby change wasn’t going to work for much longer. I suggested an alternative working with what is available (therapy room with adjustable height bed) but also pointed out what would be better (I have to carry Quinns through a public corridor in my swimming costume).

I have had a few members of staff point me in the direction of the disabled toilet. There is absolutely no way I am changing him on a toilet floor!

Anyway they are a small pool but they seem to be taking my concerns seriously so watch this space. I have also approached two other local pools. One promises that it is going to get a Changing Place put in but wouldn’t tell me when and the other hasn’t given it any thought yet.

I will continue to put pressure on all these pools because I just can’t imagine not being able to take Quinns to the swimming pool to do the thing he loves the most. So next time you’re swimming please consider asking what facilities are available for children like Quinns.

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