Quinns in the Upsee jumping waves

It’s been a while since the summer holidays but I’d like to transport you back there to introduce you to another piece of wonderful Firefly equipment, the Upsee.

Imagine not being able to jump over the waves in the sea. No child should have to do without that experience. That’s why when we went on our trip to the beach as well as the Splashy we also took the Upsee. The clever harness allows Quinns to be strapped to me in an upright position and lets him jump waves.

And that is just one experience Quinns can have in the Upsee. With the joint sandals we can walk together, play football together, kick leaves together, play epic games of hide & seek with family and friends…the list is endless. It gives Quinns the sensation of putting one foot in front of the other and seeing things at eye level. Both things we probably all take for granted.

We know that we are really lucky to be in a position to have been able to buy (or be gifted like the Upsee) so many Firefly products but each one costs…well a lot…however being able to walk along with my two children holding hands makes the cost of the Upsee worth every penny!

Quinns in the Upsee

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