Someone please say bedtime…

Quinns and Big Sister

Quinns is full of nonsense. It’s way past his bedtime but he’s making it clear he doesn’t want to sleep. Even although it’s late it’s still really warm so I don’t blame him.

He’s discovered that if he bangs the side of the cot with his foot his toy keyboard plays a tune. Of course, he finds that really funny. Then once I’ve moved the keyboard to stop it he discovers he can make a noise by banging the cot top changer. Cue more giggles!

Nothing I can do about it except wait. Wait for him to get bored and go to sleep and wait for an appointment with the relevant professional to see about a more suitable bed.

I’m not entirely sure what a more suitable bed looks like yet. I assume it’ll be adjustable height so I can use it for changing (which lets me get rid of the cot top changer that’s now too small for him). And I’m hoping it won’t look too much like a hospital bed. I’ve got friends who’ve had problems getting one despite it being totally necessary. So we’ll just need to wait and see what’s suggested.

I also need to wait for Quinns to grow into a sleep system. I’ve already had an appointment with a rep to talk about them. Basically they’re designed to keep him in place while he sleeps. The one I was shown has a sheet with grid lines and then we attach foam supports in the places where Quinns needs them. I must admit it sounds like laundry day just got more complicated! Anyway Quinns was too small last time and his legs ended up being up in the air which is never a great way to sleep.

Physios and OTs always tell me that we need to work in the midline. Basically they’d like Quinns to work sort of curled up in a ball rather than have his limbs extended outwards. At the moment we use wedges to bring his arms inwards while he sleeps but he has a tendency to bring his right leg up and over like a pretzel.  He needs the support system to pin his legs down to keep them straight in the bed.

Anyway I think he may finally be asleep. Now’s the time to creep out of his bedroom for a well earned cup of tea!

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