Starting pre-school nursery

Photo of building blocks

Quinns first week at pre-school nursery went very well. It seems he was really excited about starting as he woke up at 3.30am ready to start the day!

He was a little overwhelmed at first with everyone there to see him and all the new children he hadn’t met yet (being tired from his early start did not help either). He settled with his Best Friend by his side though and the comfort of his familiar SLT and Additional Support Needs Outreach person (ASN) to help him along the way.

By day two when I dropped him off he was met by a posse of girls who announced his arrival to the entire room as if a celebrity had joined them! So off he went ready to learn and be a part of it all.

His slightly disgruntled ASN (not really) told me it was tricky to get any work done with him as she couldn’t get near him for friends. I think she packed her bag when his Best Friend told her he was going to read Quinns a story. He’s got Quinns covered.

By the end of the week he had friends come up to him in the playground while we waited to collect Big Sister. Exactly how it should be when a child starts nursery. One little girl even told her mum how clever Quinns is because he can talk with his eyes. If that’s everyone’s attitude to him then I think he’s going to do alright!

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