Eye gaze computer trial


We have never been in any doubt that Quinns knows what’s going on around him. From the first day she met him his speech & language therapist knew he was going to need an eye gaze computer.

In the summer we were lucky to have a device on loan for two weeks. It’s an extremely expensive piece of kit and although there’s legislation in place we still needed to make a case for having one longer term.

I worked him hard over the two weeks. He played games, spoke words (he especially liked to tell us he’s got a Big sister and likes swimming) and generally got used to the idea that he was in control.

Occasionally I left him to explore the screen, navigating around the various games and words. One day I left him while I made lunch in the kitchen. Somehow he managed to say ‘please help me, I want to play a game’. A total coincidence I know since he can’t read yet but still a beautiful moment.

Another amazing moment came when we were showing it off and he asked for a drink of water. Of course, I rushed to get it for him.

My favourite moment came when Big Sister was around. She was trying to help him play a game but instead of playing the game he just kept navigating out of it before going back in again. All the while he was giggling furiously, enjoying being in control, much to Big sister’s annoyance.

Eventually he navigated to the communication section. He looked at a number of words: funny, crazy, cool, awesome. Big sister asked him if he thought it was funny? He looked at funny then looked at the Rest button which stops it working for a moment to give him a break as if to say ‘enough said’.

I can’t wait to find out what else he’s got to say!

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