Sshh! Don’t tell anyone but Quinns is actually Spider-man. You may have seen his red & blue suit peeping out from beneath his sleeves.

Actually he wears a Lycra suit that’s specially fitted by Orthotics. It’s tight fitting so it gives him additional support. It has special panels that bring his upper & lower arms into a better position. The panelling brings him awareness of where his body is.

It’s an absolute nightmare to get on every morning and involves me quite literally pulling his arms & legs while Big sister tries to entertain him. The front & back zips make it a bit easier at the top. I’ve got a special technique with the arms where I get it on a bit then roll up the sleeves halfway before I pull it up to his shoulders. I then have to roll the sleeves down so I can do the zips up at his wrists. It’s a bit of a palaver and don’t get me started about changing his nappy when he’s got it on!

It does make a difference though so it’s worth the extra morning hassle. He’s a lot more supported. He’s so much stiller and I can see the difference in what he can do with his hands when he’s got it on.

Now I just need to persuade him that being Spider-man is actually a good thing!

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