Although Quinns’ physical capability is limited he doesn’t have ridiculous medical needs to stop him. That means at the moment we’re not too restricted in what we can do with him. (Once hoists and changing place toilets are required it’ll be a bit more challenging).

I’m so glad that this summer we were able to go on holiday with a big group of friends. There were 14 of us in total. 8 adults and 6 kids. Quinns loved the interaction with everyone and I think everyone loved Quinns!

There were day trips and boat trips. There was swimming and swings. There were car races and card games. All these things made Quinns a very happy little boy.

The highlight for me however was learning about the pill crusher. Quinns has a tablet he takes everyday for reflux. To begin with the pharmacy gave it to us as a solution but apparently it’s very expensive. As he needs it long term they switched him to a tablet.

At home we use a fairly hefty mortar and pestle to grind the pill in order to dissolve it. It’s a bit tricky to bring that on holiday though so we end up chopping it with a knife (bits flying all over the place) and then crushing it with a teaspoon.

That is until one of our friends spotted us and told us about an amazing pill crushing device they’d used for their child. We immediately ordered one and revolutionised pill preparation for ever. It’s small, lightweight and takes just a few twists to crush that pill to a powder.

This reinforces my feeling that we need to talk and share more. If we had hidden away we would never have found out about the pill crusher and I’d still be lugging a mortar & pestle around with me on holiday!

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