Changing Places

My holiday photos are probably very different from yours. I don’t imagine any of yours include a photo of your children in a toilet. Mine do!

Changing place toilet

I was extremely excited to see the Changing Place toilet logo in the service station at Annandale Water. When I see that symbol I see an opportunity to try out the facilities. After all I don’t know when I’ll get another chance to change Quinns.

Quinns is too big for baby change tables now and since he can’t sit unaided it makes changes really tricky. I need a changing place with an adjustable height bench so that I can change him safely for both him and me. Eventually I’ll also need a hoist to move him from chair to bench and back again.

I’m really grateful to the people who have been campaigning for around 12 years because more CP toilets are beginning to pop up all over the place. (I say all over the place but when we went on holiday the nearest one was the service station we stopped at half way through our journey. That’s not very convenient to say the least! )

If we want to be able to take Quinns on days out with his Big Sister there need to be CP toilets wherever we want to go. I’m going to email my local MP asking him to support the second reading of the Accessible Toilet Bill on November 23rd. Perhaps you’d do the same? The Ordinary Hopes website provides a template letter & a list of all MPs so it’s really easy but your letter could make a big difference.

Photo of Quinns holding a Changing Places sign

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