Our dream house

Photo of a really big house and driveway

It took me most of 2017 to come to terms with the idea that we needed to move house. The steps (22 in all as Big Sister often corrects me) were becoming an increasing burden on my back. Eventually I came round to the idea that although I love our house maybe there was something better out there?

We each had things we wanted from a new house. Big Sister wanted a garden with a den and a cabin bed in her room. I wanted a good-sized kitchen and an office space to work. Dad wanted a space to play board games or at the very least space to house his ample board games collection!

So what does Quinns need? Before we even get to the house we need to consider the driveway which must be paved not stones. We need enough space for a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle). Not something we have at the moment but definitely something we’ll have in the future.

Any access to a house will be easier than our 22 steps but we had to consider how that would work in the longer term. It had to be either flat or ramped. There had to be space to manoeuvre a full sized wheelchair both inside and out.

Eventually Quinns will need to be hoisted from his bed to the bathroom so he needs easy access to a bathroom and potentially his own. We’re told that a tracking hoist (fitted to the ceiling) is the best option for a small space which means no high ceilings.

He also needs a reasonable amount of living space to move around in. Then there’s his equipment; the Bug, the Red Rocket chair, the Standing Frame and the Squiggles pack all take up space. Not to mention the GoTo chair, the trays, the wedges, the Back Pack, the Upsee, the Splashy, the Deckchair, the physio benches, the Booster Seat…the specialist toys, the not so specialist toys…

We began to think we needed a bigger house!

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