In search of a bigger house

Direction sign posts

We’ve always been keen to travel. We never wanted to stay in the same place for too long. We had planned to travel with Big Sister and Quinns but once we got Quinns’ diagnosis and we had to move house we discovered that actually we are pretty stuck.

We knew we needed a house where Quinns would be on the ground floor and felt that it would need to be a bigger house. We didn’t think there was any chance we’d be able to afford what we were looking for in the area we were in. So we started to look in places all around us where it may be a little more affordable.

Each alternative area had its problems. In one direction the Council had no budget, in another the roads were too busy for me to be happy driving (I’ve never been a happy driver but I’m managing ok here and that’s essential for Quinns) and in the other directions we’re heading out of the commuter belt, which makes Dad’s life harder.

Even if we had decided to jump area there would have been enormous implications. The Professionals that see Quinns cover different areas. If we moved area we would have risked losing some or all of them.

Quinns’ NHS team are amazing. Each one has been working with him since the beginning. They can all see the potential in him and are keen to work together to do the best for him. I didn’t want to lose any one of them never mind all of them at the same time!

A switch in Council area would have meant switching all of Quinns’ equipment. Do we take the Standing Frame with us then hand it back or sort out a replacement and then send it back? I know it would all have worked out but it gives me a headache just thinking about the work involved.

So that left us with a pretty small area to look in which did have one main advantage. I would get to keep the support network that I was feeling pretty miserable about having to leave.

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