The Ramp House

Internal ramp to upper floor

As you can probably tell by now we are not big steps fans. Whether it’s the steps to our front door or the steps to access school they definitely make our lives very difficult. So ideally we need to live in a bungalow where steps would not be an issue. Sadly though as one estate agent said they are like gold dust in this area!

While I was trying to come to terms with the idea that we would need to move house I came across The Ramp House. Architect parents of a girl with similar disabilities to Quinns have designed and built a completely accessible house. It isn’t a bungalow though as it has more than one level and as the name suggests it is completely accessible by ramp! Their daughter gets the benefits and experience of different points of view by being able to get around different levels in their house.

I love it! I think the idea behind it is amazing. It’s so simple yet so effective.

It was only after I discovered the Ramp House that I thought maybe it would be ok to have a look and consider moving house. Sadly plots of land here are extremely hard to come by and also expensive unless we headed further into the countryside.

An alternative was buying a small bungalow or house and then adapting it to suit our needs maybe with a ramp or an internal lift. This really appealed to me as a designer and perhaps if we’d found the right house we might have gone for it.

However Quinns is at such a critical stage in his life I also really wanted to be available for him. I need my energy for all the therapies that he needs to make sure he becomes as independent as possible in later life (plus all the campaigning I’m going to need to do for him). Adding on a house build/adaptation project did not seem like the best plan for us at the time.

So what were the chances that a perfect affordable house would come up in the area we wanted with little or no work needing done to it?

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