Our ideal home

After months of worry and with the strain on my back increasing every day I’m really pleased that our perfect house (although not a bungalow or a ramp house) did come up at the perfect time. And I have to say now that we’re here it is perfect. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from a house.

It’s got four bedrooms including a big one downstairs. The open plan living/dining/ kitchen area is perfect for getting Quinns around and allowing him to be part of the action. The garden is beautiful, flat and full of produce for us to harvest (when we have a spare minute!) It doesn’t have just one attic it’s got two. It’s even got a hallway exclusively for board games!

I think my friends may be just a little jealous. I feel really lucky to have my perfect house at the perfect time. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The only problem is we’re going to have to. We’re going to need tracking hoists. We’ll need one that tracks along the ceiling from Quinns’ bedroom to the bathroom. In order to do that easily and as unobtrusively as possible we want to rework part of the downstairs. The space we have has lots of potential and it’s very do-able. There’s just a part of me that wishes we didn’t need to.

Anyway we’ll deal with that when the time comes. Right now I’m going to go back to enjoying my perfect house and garden and making my friends just a little more jealous. Did you see the shelves in my office?

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