Super soup

Cauliflower ready to go in the soup pot

We love soup in this house. Whether it’s using up the produce grown in our lovely new garden or the excess veg ordered in the online shop (we’ve all accidentally ordered an extra cauliflower, haven’t we?)

Quinns is fed orally and for that we are very grateful. He has a few friends who are tube fed so we are aware of some of the issues that causes. His baby gag reflex has thankfully remained as he still struggles with some foods. Dry crackers and biscuits are a definite no but he can manage a humous sandwich on soft bread.

It’s great that he gets to experience different tastes and textures. Something we all probably take for granted. When we told him Quinns could manage fish and chips one doctor said “well life can’t be that bad then.’ Which is true as long as there’s tomato ketchup!

It’s the time it takes Quinns to eat that frustrates me most. I’m often left still feeding him at the end of mealtimes when everyone else is long finished. It’s really important that I do though because he’s had issues with weight gain. Big Sister gets really fidgety waiting for him so she can have pudding.

Soup therefore is my easy meal. It’s packed full of nutrients and with a bit of soggy bread or coconut milk, calories. And best of all it goes down quickly.

Now who wants cake?

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