Happy New Year! I’m sure there have been many resolutions around books and reading lately. Quinns is a bit of a book worm. He has always loved me reading to him much more than Big Sister ever did.

He has very strong opinions about what book to read. From these two photos do you think he wants to read ‘The Squirrels who Squabble’ or ‘Beep beep brrrm! George’s noisy vehicle book’?



For a while it was nothing other than Quick Quack Quentin but now he won’t let me read that one at all! Next it was all about Thomas the Tank engine either Three Cheers for Thomas or Railway Race Day. Most recently we’ve been heading out on a bear hunt.

Trips to the library are fun. I hold up each and every book in front of him. His facial expression tells me whether or not it’s worth the effort checking it out. I’m fairly sure it’ll be Thomas again or something vehicle related but you never know!

As well as being really opinionated on book choice he’s also great at page turning. He hasn’t hit many of his developmental mile stones but I think his achievements went; smile, laugh, turn book pages.

Board books are easiest. I sit with him on my knee. I hold the book in front of us and put my finger between the pages when I’ve finished. He then flicks the page over. It’s one of our favourite activities together…as long as I’ve worked out which book it is he wants to read otherwise he’ll just shut the book!




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