Preparing homemade dairy free and non-dairy free pizzaI mentioned in my last post that Quinns has an allergy to dairy. That means he can’t have milk, cheese, yoghurt or cream from a cow or other animal i.e. goat (the proteins are similar).

We successfully challenged his tomato allergy last year which has made life a bit easier. Imagine trying to order food in an Italian restaurant for Quinns – no cheese or tomato!

Given everything I’ve told you about Quinns’ eating habits you would have thought I’d give up trying to feed him pizza. Not me! It just made me more creative. I’ve discovered that there are endless options out there beyond the traditional cheese and tomato.

Pizza Express was the first restaurant we tried that had vegan cheese and allowed us to order a tomato free pizza for Quinns. Now that they have a dairy free carrot cake dessert it’s one of our favourite places to eat.

We also enjoy making our own pizzas together. Big Sister loves weighing out the ingredients for the dough and then Quinns can have a little go at kneading (in reality I measure out the water to add to the packet mix and then the machine does the kneading!)  Then they get to choose their own sauce from dairy free pesto, beetroot ketchup or tomato sauce and a wide range of toppings.

I finish them with appropriate cheese. Lots of violife pizza cheese for Quinns to make sure it’s soft and easy to eat.

Pizza ready to go in the oven

Everyone’s happy with their own individual pizza that we can all eat together.

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