Let them eat cake!

Photo of a gravity defying marshmallow cake

At the mention of cake Quinns’ hand shoots up into the air! Cake and custard is his favourite pudding. The lovely soft texture and load of calories make cake good for him. He has a dairy allergy which adds to my challenge but luckily I have always enjoyed baking so I can control the ingredients.

Thankfully his reaction is not too severe. As long as I avoid all dairy in his diet his reaction rash has been kept at bay. Foods that declare themselves to be ‘may contains’ have been fine. That is not always the case for people with allergies.

The trickiest thing by far is when we’re out and about. We often have to search menus closely to find suitable meals for him. He’s started to complain when Big Sister gets something and he doesn’t. It’s the little extras, the ice cream or the chocolate given at a special meal, that can make a huge difference.

I’ve not found catering for him at home too difficult and with increasing interest in veganism it’s getting easier all the time to find substitutions. It just takes a little bit of research and creativity!

Note: For all the Upper Cut Cakes fans out there the photo is Big Sister’s carrot and ginger birthday cake. It was completely dairy free and the marshmallows were a lovely soft treat for Quinns. Most importantly though she was thoroughly impressed by its gravity defying nature!

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