Party time?

 “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Photo of books with an illustration of fish and the words

Recently I’ve talked about indoor play activities and I’ve explained a bit of law from the Equality Act 2010. I told you that the role play village worked well for us but when Quinns got an invitation to his friend’s party there we had to decline.

A huge effort has been made to make the play accessible. The town rooms are all on one floor and the doors are wide enough. The cafe provides food to cater for allergies which goes above and beyond what we’d usually expect.

However the party room is up a flight of stairs with no lift access. I wasn’t willing to carry Quinns up it for the party. Imagine if I hurt myself or Quinns on the way up or down. I can’t accept it now for Quinns’ future self (he’ll get too big to carry and what about the Bug?) nor for all the other children in wheelchairs.

It has been pointed out to me that the party room would only be used for a small bit of the day. However that bit is the party part of the party! I’m not strong enough (although I appear to be pretty tough) to sit downstairs in the cafe with Quinns while all his friends celebrate the birthday.

There is a reasonable adjustment that could have been made (the venue even suggested it to me) but when it came to it they said it wasn’t Quinns’ party. Although nothing could be done this time my friend and I both agree, the situation sucks!

Quinns was invited to the party and we would all have danced together but a physical barrier got in the way.

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