Time for a hair cut


Imagine sitting getting your haircut. Whether you choose to chat or sit in perfect silence either way it’s pretty relaxing.

Now imagine you can’t sit without help. Any seat you sit in has a high back. The back of your head is constantly in contact with something. Add in involuntary movements and long hair and you begin to resemble comedian, Tim Minchin.

Quinns' long messed up hair

I’m really lucky to have a good friend who is a hairdresser. I give her a couple of week’s notice that Quinns needs a haircut so she can prepare herself.

She starts the cut with him sitting in ‘the blue boat’ chair. As with any three year old we use distraction to get him to move his head in the direction we require. At last resort a phone.

For the back of his head I put on the gown (I learned from my mistake the first time) and sit him on my knee. I hold his head as firmly as I can so that she can cut the sides and finally the little ponytail at the back.

It’s a pretty long drawn out process for such a little head. It requires an amazing amount of both strength and patience. It’s most definitely a two woman job but doesn’t it look good?

Quinns with freshly cut hair

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