The Cruise Ship

Quinns & Big Sister playing together on the bed (The Cruise Ship)

We finally got a new bed for Quinns. It’s always a thought when a wee one moves from cot to bed and a move to a hospital bed wasn’t in my original plan. It’s much bigger than the cot so it takes over his room and there’s no disguising it, it’s a hospital bed.

Quinns loves it though and what’s not to love. He gets to ride up in the morning and down at night.

Big Sister loves to climb in and lie down beside him. They pretend it’s all sorts of different modes of transport and have now affectionately named it The Cruise Ship.

Dad and I love it because it’s a space to change that’s height adjustable. Quinns gets to ride extra high when it’s Dad’s turn!

Quinns is much safer because there’s so much more room than the cot top changer. I can leave him on it with the cot side up while I wash my hands. He wriggles around trying to grab his soft toys.

None of my fears have come to fruition (I’m not even sure what they were now.) It seems it’s only as adults that we see the negatives. When Big sister’s Best friend saw it she exclaimed how cool and announced she’s going to ask Santa for one this year!

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