Magic hands

Quinns has an amazing grip. He loves to hold onto things. That was the case from very early on. I took him to Baby Sensory when he was just weeks old. He would get hold of the shaker and not let go. We would always be the ones making all the noise!

The thing he grasps has to be the right shape i.e. a spoon, a toothbrush, a stick, a magic wand. His soft toys all have long arms and legs for grabbing hold. Only now is he managing to pick them up himself but still only occasionally.

We’ve used various techniques to strengthen and improve his palma grip. We pass bouncy balls between us and he loves to open the various sets of Russian Dolls we have around.

At every opportunity I try to get him to hold things with both hands. A really tricky skill when you have constant movement.

We also help him practice the art of letting go. Often he doesn’t want to part with his spoon or his toothbrush but for obvious reasons he has to. If it’s a toy it may be ok. For a while I’d put his jacket (and even his gloves) on while he held something in his hand until I decided it would be good practice (and easier for me) to pass it from one hand to the other.

And finally after seeing a video of Lyla peeling carrots with her mum on her Facebook page I’m now putting his gripping skill to good use!

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