In out, in out…

It’s easy to understand the reason for the sandals that strap Quinns’ feet into the Bug. Positioning is a major deal for him. He struggles to make more than one limb work at the same time. By strapping his feet down he can focus on using his arms.

The first time we had to do it was pretty upsetting. He was just one year old & we were strapping him into his Bee chair.

Now it’s not upsetting it’s more of a nuisance. It’s time consuming. When he’s at a party or playing with friends he wants to be a part of the action and I want to help him. Kids of his age move from activity to activity with speed. It’s challenging keeping up.

To get the best from an activity I need to think of the best position for Quinns. A tabletop activity or a running around one is probably better in the Bug whereas playing with cars may be out with me holding him.

The problem lies in activities changing too swiftly. I can sit on the floor for some time or he can sit in the Bug but when play changes I need to change position.

From Bug to floor involves unstrapping and a lift. From floor to Bug also involves a lift and then I’m often still strapping Quinns back into the Bug when everyone else has moved onto the next thing and if that’s back on the floor…

I’m not expecting kids play style to change but if adults are a little more aware then perhaps they can be more proactive on play dates and at parties.

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