Busy, busy

There are two people I haven’t mentioned here before but who are extremely important to us. I’ll call them Oma & Opa because that’s what we call them!

I wrote recently about the additional expenses we face having a disabled child. There are some amazing toys out there suited to Quinns’ needs however as soon as anything gets a special needs label the price goes up.

We want to maximise Quinns’ hand function. I’ve already said he has an amazingly good grip and he’s really good at turning book pages.

You’ve probably not given it much thought before but take a minute to think about all the movements you can make with your hand.

All those tiny movements that get us through every day are what we’re trying to help Quinns with through play. Busy boards are great for this. Different bits to get hold of, move, press, ring etc. Of course the special ones cost a fortune.

This is where Opa comes in. He’s made us two boards from stuff he had lying around. Great for Quinns’ little hands to feel and explore when he’s sitting with one of us or in his chair at the table.

When Quinns is in the car he doesn’t have a table but it’s a perfect opportunity for working on finger function. This is where Oma comes in. She’s made Quinns a busy blanket with some of his old clothes and bits & pieces she had lying around. It sits comfortably on his knee for long journeys and gives him something to do.


Aren’t they all amazing? We’re very lucky to be able to use grandparents’ skills and in the process save some money. So massive shout out for Oma & Opa and all their talents, skills and support.

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