Swimming badges

Photo of Quinns' swim badges sewn onto a towel

These aren’t Big Sister’s swimming badges. These are Quinns’ swimming badges (much to her annoyance.) He’s earned each and every one of them. He’s attended the classes, he’s taken instruction and he’s learning to swim just like his friends.

Of course, some things are adapted for him. He’s had extra help and support but Quinns absolutely loves the water and is more than willing to take part (except when he’s flirting with the teacher or other people using the pool).

He’s learning to dive. Since he can’t sit unaided I hold him on the side of the pool. Someone else holds his hands above his head. He then moves his bottom forward and off. He goes under the water and when he comes back up he has the biggest grin on his face. He did it!

In contrast is his friend who whispers ‘I’m not doing that’ in her mummy’s ear as soon as the teacher issues an instruction especially when it involves going under the water. It may take him longer to actually learn to swim but hopefully Quinns’ willingness to go for it will help her get over her fears.

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