Disability awareness badge

Brownies Disability Awareness Badge

I’m so proud of Big Sister. The day she took her Brownie Promise she was given a book listing all the badges. She picked this one out and suggested her Brownie Pack do it.

They had to do a range of activities to earn the badge which included me going along to a session to talk (with the help of Big Sister) to the girls. I asked the girls to try communicating using the laminated picture boards Quinns uses. It was a great way to show them that talking isn’t the only way to tell your friends about yourself.

It was Big Sister’s suggestion to show photographs of Quinns using his equipment; Upsee, Splashy, Red Rocket Chair etc. All the things we have that enable him to do different activities.

Photo of boards showing photos of Quinns using his Go To Seat

We then asked the Brownies to write about or draw something that Quinns could use to help him do an activity. I was so impressed with all their ideas. A couple of girls even wanted to send him in a rocket to the moon because for them anything is possible.

And of course we couldn’t let them leave without introducing them to Quinns (who revelled in his new found fame) and then sent them home with a letter about the need for more Changing Place toilets.

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