Blue badge

Car parked on the hatchings of Quinns' disabled space.

The only book I’ve ever read about cerebral palsy is by the comedian Francesca Martinez. In it she reveals that her mum was very excited to be entitled to a blue badge after Francesca’s diagnosis. I have to admit I feel the same.

It’s great being able to park right by the door for Big Sister’s swimming lesson especially since it’s such a small, busy car park with the alternative up a big hill. On the flip side it does mean I’ve got to take Quinns with me to the lesson.

There’s nothing stopping me parking up the hill (and occasionally I have to). I’ve got perfectly good legs for walking. That said the Bug is heavier than a standard buggy which makes it harder to bump down kerbs and I also need to take a longer route to avoid the stairs.

What I really need from the disabled space though is the extra room that the yellow hatching gives me. I need to be able to open my door fully to give me enough space to lift Quinns in and out of his car seat without hurting my back. It’s getting trickier the bigger he gets.

I must admit I get annoyed when someone parks over them. Thankfully on this cold wet night I was able to get Quinns into the car without damage to me or the car encroaching my space.


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